Custom Manufacturing (Orthoses) Service

At 24 Hour Positioning, custom moulded seating and sleep systems are our speciality. Once assessed, we take a cast of the client’s most optimal achievable position based on their anthropometrics. This is achieved using a specialised vacuum consolidation technique whereby the client is placed in a specifically designed casting bag and air is then extracted from the bag leaving an exact form of the client’s body. Once the desired position has been achieved an exact imprint of the optimum position is taken using plaster of paris to create a mould which in turn forms the basis of the seating or sleeping system. Casting moulds have traditionally been used to then manufacture our specialised systems, however we at 24 Hour Positioning are transitioning to 3D printing ………….

At 24 Hour Positioning the whole manufacturing process is carried out on site at our head office in Chatswood, New South Wales by our highly skilled and specialised technicians. The advantage of manufacturing on site, enables us unrivalled scope to make individualised products and results in an efficient and timely manufacturing process.