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Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

We are grateful for every feedback we receive because it helps us improve what we do. Some of our lovely clients were so happy with the outcome that they shared these pictures and their stories with us. So, we are sharing them with you (with their permission of course) so you too can see nothing is impossible!


You hug your loved ones every day. No big deal right? Have you ever thought about what it feels like not being able to hug them?

That’s exactly what Kerry and his lovely wife have been missing for years. But now with the Vertical lift of his wheelchair Kerry is able to give his wife a hug at the same height. The benefits of Vertical lift seating on a power wheelchair are more than just access, the social benefits should not be underestimated.

Andrew is 51 years old and is a full time wheelchair user as a result of suffering an acquired brain injury in 1993.

Andrew is very active; he works at Macquarie University and loves to travel to new places around NSW.  He is very happy to have received his new power wheelchair especially as existing wheelchair urgently needed replacing due to significant signs of wear and tear.

“The Hippocampe has changed Alex’s life and ours and what kid wants to miss out on getting to the beach?! We enjoyed christening the Hippocampe at Hawks Nest and it was incredible.”

– Alex’s mum.

Another happy client: Jacqueline Wieringa in her new Sedeo Ergo.

The supine position was a must for Jacqueline which the Sedeo Ergo provides. Along with the sheer reduction backrest offered on this chair and the Whitmyer cradle style head pad we had the correct seating sorted.

One of our lovely and very talented clients, Venessa “Quack” Crane is not only a great artist – her paintings have been showcased at various exhibitions -she is now also featured in a short documentary called, ‘Focus on Ability 2021’.

The little 5-minute doco film is called “TRIUMPH” and was made by Allison Pitt over many long evenings.  

It is a re-edited and reimagined version of the film you might have already seen of Venessa`s exhibition through lockdown in 2020. There has been a remarkable amount of Allison’s dedication and refinement of hours of her time to put this film together.  She asked a musician friend Yojjy  Juhahasz to compose music for this film – And neither one charged anything for all their time and alent.

“This has meant so much to me and cannot thank them enough!” – says Venessa.  “You might find yourself recognising some of the shots. I would like to thank everyone who appears in the film and thank them for their previous permission that they gave me to include their contribution.”

Please enjoy –

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