Joystick-controlled everyday mobility.

The JoyGlide is a lightweight powered wheelchair that is controlled with an easy-to-use   joystick. JoyGlide is a fully-scripted wheelchair, built to the occupant’s precise requirements.    

Built to take on whatever life throws at it.

JoyGlide is a versatile wheelchair designed to perform well in a variety of conditions, indoors and out. With a lightweight yet strongly engineered frame, JoyGlide is highly manoeuvrable and easy to navigate through tight spaces like crowded cafes. The battery system and in-wheel motor are located on one side, making it easy to concertina-fold the chair for transport or storage.  

Power in your hands.

With the simple movement of the joystick, the JoyGlide has the power to make travelling up hills and steep ramps effortless. The battery is powerful enough to take you up to 15km on a single charge.